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Membership Referral Program

The basis of the program is a 20/20 referral.  The new member receives a 20% reduction and the person who referred them also receives a 20% reduction.  These reductions will remain in place as long as both parties remain members.


-Youth memberships are NOT eligible for the referral program.

-No same day referral accepted.  Referring member's membership must have been processed through the back office in order to refer another person.

-Summer memberships are not part of the referral program.  They do not fall under the category of standard memberships.

-Scholarships do not qualify as standard membership.

-Silver Sneakers/Silver & Fit/Prime/PEIA Weight Management may refer members.  Anyone referred by a member in these categories will not qualify for the referral reduction.


The more people who are referred, the larger the reduction becomes.  Only members who pay the standard fees can qualify for this program.  This includes corporate members.  Corporate member will only get the referral rates.  They will NOT get the corporate + referral rates (i.e. 10% + 20%).  We WILL NOT double discount. 


This program is only for people who choose the draft option.  Annual full-pay cannot utilize this program. Annual can refer, but annual cannot get a discount if switched to monthly and end of annual.

New members cannot have been a member for the last 60 days.  For example, John Smith cannot cancel his membership and return in under 60 days and qualify for the referral program. 


The new member will receive ½ off their joining fee.  The 20% discount does not apply to any program fees or unlimited child watch.

If either parties involved in the referral cancels their membership, the remaining member has 30 days to find a new member in order to maintain the savings unless the remaining member has more than one referral on their account.  We will notify the referring member via email.