What your child will need at Camp each day


Please bring only suggested items and ensure that they are labeled with their name. Your child will be responsible for carrying whatever is brought to camp. We do not provide storage lockers for campers.


Towel – many towels look alike so PLEASE help our staff by labeling your child’s towel.


Sunscreen – Please be sure to apply sunscreen liberally to your child before arriving at camp. We do not provide sunscreen but we will remind campers to reapply and help as needed.


Bathing Suit – Your child may wear his/her bathing suit underneath their clothes or change in our locker room.


Hat – Hats are recommended for those campers prone to sunburn.


Water Bottle – While we do provide large water stations for campers throughout the campgrounds, we require that all campers bring their own labeled water bottle.




Items Not Permitted At Camp

Do not allow your child to bring cell phones, iPods, handheld games, radios, tablets, valuable toys, roller blades, Heelies, knives, lighters, role-playing card games (Pokemon, etc) or weapons.  These items, and any others that are deemed inappropriate, will be confiscated by Camp High-Tor staff.  The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen items at camp.  Campers are responsible for everything they bring with them to camp.




Behavior Policies

We want camp to be an enjoyable experience for all who participate. In order to ensure a positive environment, we have established a set of rules and guidelines that campers are expected to follow. Continuous aggressive and uncooperative behavior is subject to dismissal from camp temporarily or permanently. Camp staff will adhere to the following disciplinary guidelines and procedures:


Minor Offenses

Step 1: Counselor will speak with the child and try to redirect the behavior

Step 2: Child will be placed in time out

Step 3: Exclusion from activity and/or group and possibly sent to Camp Director


Major Offenses (i.e., foul language, stealing, violence, hitting, leaving group, lack of respect to counselor)

Step 1: Camper will be taken to one of the directors

Step 2: Discipline action depends upon the offense and is at the discretion of the Camp Director

Step 3: Child is written up for the offense and parent is notified in writing

Step 4: After the second written discipline form, child is suspended for 2 days

Step 5: After the third written discipline form, child is suspended from camp for a period to be determined.


At the discretion of the Camp Director, a child may be expelled from camp at any time for major behavioral offenses.

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