Racquetball League

Games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings beginning at 6pm. There will be a set schedule, but games can be rescheduled as long as all games are made up by the end of the season. There is an 8 week season and playoffs. A-League is for players who have played in either an “A” or “B” bracket in a State Tournament. The tournament winner and/or regular season B-League winner has the option of moving up to the A-League next season.


Registration Deadline: October 9
A-League Games Begin: October 16
B-League Games Begin: October 18

Members: $20     Non-Members: $40






Co-Ed Adult Volleyball League

Everyone is welcome to play in our leagues from very competitive to corporate and social teams to individuals looking to have a good time. Volleyball provides a great workout. We run the most fun and exciting leagues and tournaments in the Tri-State area. It’s a great way to meet people and make friends. Teams can have six or more players on their roster, of which three must be female. Games will be played on Monday evenings starting @ 7:45 pm.


Winter Registration Deadline: January 2019

Winter Captain's Meeting: January 2019
Winter Season Starts: TBA


Spring Registration Deadline: April 2018

Spring Captain's Meeting: TBA
Spring Season Starts: TBA

Summer Registration Deadline: August 13

Summer Captain's Meeting:  August 13

Summer Season Starts: August 20

Members: $20     Non-Members: $40






Racquetball Reservation Card

In order to reserve a racquetball court, one must first purchase a Racquetball Reservation Card. When you purchase a card, it comes with five (5) credits. These credits give you the right to reserve the courts. The only time that you lose a credit is when you make a reservation and do not use the reservation without canceling it. Purchase and leave the card at the front desk and call or come in when you want to reserve the Racquetball Courts. 


5 Credits: $20

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